For the love of airplanes: Gravelly Point State Park

If you have a kid that loves airplanes, this place is a gem 💎!

From this park you can see from up close airplanes that land at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA).

Where? In George Washington Memorial Parkway, Arlington County, Virginia, USA

How much? Free

Open/Closes: This park is in an area within the George Washington Memorial Parkway, and although I couldn’t find anything official in the National Park Service’s website, I think that it’s safe to say that you shouldn’t be there after dusk. You can find more information here, and here.

Pets: Plenty of people there with their dogs

At a Glance (review from insta account)

Kid friendly ✅ ✅ ✅ Apart from plane sighting, there’s also jet ski sighting at the Potomac River. You can ride your bike 🚲 (there’s a @capitalbikeshare station as well), or just hangout on the grass and play a little bit of soccer ⚽️, football 🏈, or maybe throw frisbees

Stroller friendly ✅ If you wish to just push a stroller, you can do so on the concrete trail for walkers/bikers. 

Fun ✅ Bring camping chairs, or a blanket, have a picnic and wait for the airplanes ✈️ to land at DCA.

Portables ✅ I don’t know their condition but based on the amount of people there, they will most likely be very used.

Social distancing ❌Based on a Saturday evening, it was crowded. You could still manage to avoid people, especially in the grass area. Everyone that made camp there were keeping themselves more than six feet from everyone else. But weekends are notorious for attracting crowds. Probably, it’ll be less crowded on a weekday.

My takeaway ✨ I loved this place! Thank yo so much to the mom that recommended it. It’s a great spot to catch a sunset, have a picnic and let kids run.

Last remarks 🚨 The entire grass area is a minefield of 💩. As my kids were playing soccer they started discovering 💩 here and there, everywhere! So keep that in mind 👀!

🗑 Finally, there was trash as well😢.

Checkout my stories on insta for videos of the planes, the beautiful sunset, and the 💩 too!

Update: A follower noted the possibility of the 💩 being from geese. Although I didn’t see any, it’s possible. I’ve seen it before at The Patuxent River Wildlife Refuge. So in light of the ambiguity of the 💩, I erased the accusation to the 🐕’s.

🗑 Finally, there was trash as well😢.

More details of Our Experience

Gravelly Point Park is in Arlington County. Click on the map to get directions on Google Maps.

Getting to this park is very straightforward. Once you park your car, walk towards the big grassy area. The portables are next to what seems to be the entrance of the park. Also, that’s where the  @capitalbikeshare station is.

As mentioned in “At a Glance”, this park is good for many things. Apart from being wowed by how close the airplanes fly by, my kids enjoyed a little bit of soccer with their father.

The Washington Monument can also be observed from afar. Look at this sunset with the monument! If you have been following me on insta, you know that I love sunsets.

Finally, this place is not only for kids. I’ve never had a date here, but I can imagine how romantic it’ll be to just go with someone you love, have a picnic, be amazed by the airplanes and catch the sunset. Take note!

I hope you have a great time visiting this beautiful place. Being in contact with nature is proven to make you feel better and happier. Let me know if you go how it goes and remember that the easiest way to stay posted and in touch is to follow me on insta, where I also share videos of the places in my stories/highlights!

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