Visit a National Park on MLK day

Castillo San Felipe del Morro, Old San Juan

Tomorrow, January 18, 2021, on Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, will be the first of five more days in which you can visit National Parks for FREE!

Yes, free admission!

It’s a great opportunity to visit a National Park and at the same time engage in an act of service to best honor Dr. King’s legacy. You may find volunteer opportunities here,

But just showing up and enjoying our National Parks responsibly, in my humble opinion, is an act of service.

Since I live in Maryland, here’s a link to all the National Parks in the “Old Line State”.

Moreover, add this guide to your Google Maps App to get all the Maryland’s National Parks directions. This will make it easier to find one that is close to you.

We have plenty of historical landmarks here!

If you want to head to Virginia, here is the list of Virginia’s National Parks.

Sadly, Washington D.C. is on lockdown. Therefore, save the date for future days with free admission:

April 17: First Day of National Park Week

August 4: One year Anniversary of the Great American Outdoors Act

August 25: National Park Service Birthday

September 25: National Public Lands

November 11: Veterans Day

Of course we should support our National Parks any day. But in commemoration to the service and the protection of the outdoors, take advantage of this opportunity.


You still have to pay for camping fees and such. Check this article for more details and COVID precautions.

I hope you have a great time visiting a National Park. Being in contact with nature is proven to make you feel better and happier. Let me know if you go how it goes and remember that the easiest way to stay posted and in touch is to follow me on insta, where I also share videos of the places in my stories/highlights!

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