Loy’s Station Park, Frederick, Maryland

I love this park!


First, it has all the basics:

  1. Parking

2. Restrooms (more like a portable inside a “building”)

3. Covered picnic tables right in front of the playground

Nature Hunt, the animal symbols are scattered through the playground. The kids must find them!
Roundabout “thingy”

4. Two playground spaces with fun things like a Nature Scavenger Hunt (see picture above), climbing wall, swinging bridge, multiple slides, rope bridge, and a small roundabout “thingy”. Yes, I learned that “word” from my middle schoolers. Thingy refers to something you don’t know the name about but since it’s a thing, that exist and has matter, you call it thingy to make it a little less accusatory.

Wooden trail

5. Paved trails! The amazing trail that circles around the playground is mostly concrete with a smaller section made of wood. This the number one reason why I loved this park!

The fact that this trail circles around the park allows you, the caregiver-responsible adult, to walk, jog or run while watching your kids at all times! The playground is kinda in the middle of the park. Yay! Also, this trail is flat, short and great for kids that are learning how to ride their bikes.

Loy’s Station Covered Bridge

6. If you aren’t convinced yet, let me tell you that the park is adjacent to Loy’s Station Covered Bridge, one of Frederick’s iconic covered bridges. You can walk from the park to the bridge, see it from up close, take pictures, play on the creek. How fun is that!

To get the most bang for your time, consider completing a road trip through all three Frederick Covered Bridges. Check this post about Frederick’s Covered Bridges to learn all the details!

Also, you might want to include a visit to Cunningham Falls State Park or Catoctin Mountain Park (a national park). You will be in the area!

Here’s more information to help you get to this park:

Where? Loy’s Station Park, Rocky Ridge, Frederick County, Maryland

Click on the picture to get the directions on Google Maps

Open/Closes: 8:00 AM- Sunset This is a Frederick County Park, you can find more information here

How much? Free!

Checkout this short video of our trip posted in Instagram Reels. Click on it!

I hope you have a great time visiting this beautiful place. Being in contact with nature is proven to make you feel better and happier. Let me know if you go how it goes and remember that the easiest way to stay posted and in touch is to follow me on insta, where I also share videos of the places in my stories/highlights!


  1. […] We drove through the bridge, turned around, drove through it again and continued our road trip to Loy’s Station Covered Bridge. This would be the second bridge, but I suggest you leave this for the end because adjacent to it is Loy’s Station Park which is amazing, especially if you have little kids. There is plenty of parking available and from the park you can walk to the bridge and see from up close, underneath and take pictures without worrying about incoming cars. Read this post about Loy’s Station Park to learn all the details! […]


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