Where to go sledding?

My kids sledding on the open field behind their elementary school.

The snow predictions are in, and the D.C. metro area is expected to get from 4 to 8 inches of snow, maybe even more!.

Therefore, where do we take the kids to have all the fun sledding?

While it’s still actively snowing and the roads have not been cleared, I would say go to where is closest to your home. Kids will have fun even sledding on your driveway.

But once conditions are good to go out and explore, any public space that is open and safe is good for sledding. This includes public parks and public school grounds.

Still behind the elementary school.

To my fellow Montgomery County readers and followers in instagram, checkout this list of the “Best Hills to sled in MoCo” according to Montgomery Parks. Click here!

This list is good for anyone living in the D.C. metro area or its suburbs.

Copied from Montgomery Parks website, here’s the list:

  1. Agricultural History Farm Park (by Bluebird Garden at lower parking lot near Activity Center)

2. Avenel Local Park

3. Ayrlawn Local Park

4. Damascus Recreational Park (hillside near tennis court parking lot on Kings Valley Road)

5. Hillmead Neighborhood Park

6. Norwood Local Park

7. Pilgrim Hills Local Park

9. South Germantown Recreational Park (hill behind Field F and hillside between Mooseum and TennisPlex)

10. Stratton Local Park

11. Tilden Woods Local Park

12. Woodacres Local Park

And if you are looking for a park that has a hill dedicated specifically for sledding, consider Sled Run at Pinecliff Park in Frederick!

Check out my post in instagram for videos and details.

  1. Sledding at Rosemary Hills Park

I hope you have a great time visiting this beautiful place. Being in contact with nature is proven to make you feel better and happier. Let me know if you go how it goes and remember that the easiest way to stay posted and in touch is to follow me on insta, where I also share videos of the places in my stories/highlights!


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