Ice cream, Sunflowers and a Sunset

Where? Rocky Point Creamery, Tuscarora, Maryland, USA

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How much? Ice cream prices vary. Check their website here to see their contact information.

Open/Closes: Hours of Operation vary. Please, visit their website here for the most updated schedule.

Pets: There’s nothing official on their website.

At a Glance

Restrooms ❌I didn’t see any. We asked if there was any inside available for use and they said no.

More details of Our Experience

Rocky Point Creamery is located in Frederick County. Click on the map to get directions on Google Maps.

It’s a local creamery of homemade ice cream in the country side of Frederick. If you prefer to eat your ice cream surrounded by nature, this is the place!

Around this time (July-August) they have a small sunflower field right next to the parking. There are also benches, picnic tables and a small playground.

We ended our day in the nicest way possible by eating ice cream here and waiting for another sunset!

I hope you have a great time visiting this beautiful place. Being in contact with nature is proven to make you feel better and happier. Let me know if you go how it goes and remember that the easiest way to stay posted and in touch is to follow me on insta, where I also share videos of the places in my stories/highlights!

Please, share with your family and friends and comment below, and/or send me an email/message with suggestions of what else you would like to see here. I want this page to be as helpful as possible. Thanks for reading!

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