Road trip: Frederick’s Covered Bridges

There’s something special about historic bridges. They remind us that once upon a time, they made a huge impact on connecting people. Most bridges have also endured the test of time and if they could talk, imagine all the stories, good and bad, they would tell. Also, they make great photo ops and are just fun to drive or walk through.

Well, in Frederick County Maryland there are three iconic covered bridges that you can drive through, get close to and see in one single road trip because they are pretty close to each other.

Moreover, two of them have adjacent parks with picnic tables and play space for the kiddos!

Keep reading to find out!

Where? Thurmont, Frederick County, Maryland

How much? Free!

Directions: Add this List to your Google Maps that already has the directions for the three bridges.

Click on the image or this link to get the directions:

To get the most bang for your time, consider including a visit to Cunningham Falls State Park or Catoctin Mountain Park (a national park). You will be in the area!

Utica Mills Covered Bridge, Utica Rd, Thurmont, MD

We started our road trip by driving through Utica Mills Covered Bridge. This bridge has a Visitor Center that is currently closed. There isn’t a park adjacent to the bridge. Utica Mills Covered Bridge was built in 1850 over the Monocracy River. In 1889 it was washed away by a storm and built again over Fishing Creek. You may find more information about the history of this bridge here.

Loy’s Station Covered Bridge, Old Frederick Rd, Rocky Ridge, MD

We drove through the bridge, turned around, drove through it again and continued our road trip to Loy’s Station Covered Bridge. This would be the second bridge, but I suggest you leave this for the end because adjacent to it is Loy’s Station Park which is amazing, especially if you have little kids. There is plenty of parking available and from the park you can walk to the bridge and see from up close, underneath and take pictures without worrying about incoming cars. Read this post about Loy’s Station Park to learn all the details!

Loy’s Station Covered Bridge was built in 1880 and it crosses over Owen’s Creek. Fishing is allowed. There are picnic tables and benches on the park. You may find more information about the history of the bridge here.

Roddy Road Covered Bridge, Roddy Creek Rd, Thurmont, MD

After driving back and forth through the previous bridge, we headed towards Roddy Road Covered Bridge. There is a small park adjacent to the bridge called Roddy Road Park that features picnic tables and a small swing set! Compared to Loy’s Station Park, this one is smaller though. It doesn’t have a playground.

Roddy Road Covered Bridge was built in 1856 and is the smallest of the three. You may read more information about the history of the bridge here.

Loy’s Station Covered Bridge

Because we loved the park at Loy’s Station, we went back there and spent almost two hours. The kids had a lot of fun on the playground and I think the park is awesome because it has a trail that circles around the playground allowing you, the caregiver, to walk, jog or run while watching your kids play at all times. Wonderful!

Checkout this short video of our trip posted in Instagram Reels. Click on it!

At a Glance (review from my insta account)

I admit, I haven’t been loving the cold lately. No matter how many gloves I’ve tried, my hands get too cold easily.

So in search of what to do from the comfort of my car, I found out about these historic bridges in Frederick, close to home! (Roughly 2 hours from D.C.).

It was a fun drive!

We started with Utica Mills Covered Bridge, then Roddy Road and ending with Loy’s Station.

1. Utica Covered Bridge doesn’t have a parking space or an adjacent park. This is a new construction after the original one built in 1850 over the Monocacy River, was washed away. The bridge now crosses over Fishing Creek.

2. Roddy Road Covered Bridge has a small parking space, with restrooms, a swing set for the kids, a couple picnic tables and from the small park you can walk to the bridge. Built in 1856, is the smallest of the three.

3. Loy’s Station Covered Bridge (the one in the pictures) was built in 1880 and it crosses over Owen’s Creek.

In my opinion, it’s also the nicest one It has the Loy’s Station Park adjacent to it(see my previous reel for a quick overview of the park) which is one of the best playgrounds I’ve taken my kids. Swipe to see pictures, particularly the Nature Hunt. My son was very engaged with finding all the animals.

This simple road trip was very exciting for everyone. The backroads in Frederick are so beautiful and you get to drive through the town of Thurmont which has that nice old town feel.

During our trip we encountered a Black Vulture (see last pictures).

✨ To get the most bang for your time, you could pair this day trip with a visit to Catoctin Mountain Park or Cunningham Falls State Park which are very close.

Bridges info taken from

During our road trip, we spotted a tagged Black Vulture.

I hope you have a great time visiting this beautiful place. Being in contact with nature is proven to make you feel better and happier. Let me know if you go how it goes and remember that the easiest way to stay posted and in touch is to follow me on insta, where I also share videos of the places in my stories/highlights!


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